Flight search for a new era visualizing seat comfort,
comparing cost and building confidence.


Shining a light on what matters.

Seatwizer adds two new dimensions to the flight search process, taking into account the flyer as well as the seat.

Meet Travvi, your smart digital self.

Physical Dimensions

your users’ travvi shares its body size and is able to sit in and compare every airline seat – because they can’t.

Personal Preferences

by adding the things that matter for their flights your users can make their travvi even smarter and able to find better flight option every time

Shared Experiences

what do other travvies exactly the same as your user say about the choice of flights they have. Let your users hear about the choices more experienced and knowledgable travvies would make

Artificial intelligence

our curved algorithm naturally curates results and combined with our own AI makes all your users smarter travellers able to see the best choices of flight and make decisions more quickly

On borad

it could be simpler for your user to add their height, size and preferences that matter.



On borad


results show the user augmented into the actual airline seats allowing comparison for comfort and cost.


On borad



users swipe down for relevant reviews from other travellers identical to them.

One step ahead

1st to market.

Opportunity to become industry standard for flight search and reviews.


Learns from user preferences to make results even smarter.

Natural fit.

Horizontally scrolling display perfect fit for mobile devices.


In a way that benefits both the user and the retailer.


Builds trust through a community of users and relevant reviews.


Visual display bridges borders and language barriers.

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